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Hanging up his hat

Posted: 7 October 2022

Some news from Jim Kay: ‘After ten years of working with Bloomsbury, it is with great sadness that I have to step down from illustrating Harry Potter. I have been struggling with mental illness for some time, and it would be wrong to try and continue when I can no longer give the fans and the series the full commitment and energy it deserves. What comforts me is the knowledge that Bloomsbury will continue working with and supporting other artists to make the remaining books both beautiful and inspiring for new generations of young readers.’

Jim will be leaving the series at a high point as publication of the fifth book next week is likely to delight fans around the world. Working with Neil Packer as a guest illustrator has made the last year much more enjoyable, and Neil has been able to take the strain with some of the detailed pieces. Jim and Neil have made an excellent team and the support we’ve had from Bloomsbury has been really quite wonderful. Thank you to them, thank you to Jim and thank you to all those who have made this epic series so unforgettable.

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