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John Harris   Originals for sale: Sci Fi Book Art

John Harris | James White Sector General series
James White Sector General series

This illustration was commissioned by Macdonald Futura for the cover of one of the very popular James White Sector General books. The difficult point here is that we don't know which one it was. However, John was always pleased with the painting except that he'd prefer to see it without the large expanse of red at the top - which was designed merely to give space for the title lettering. He'd prefer to sell it with the top physically cut off, as it appears here, at the top. Look at the bottom of the image if you want to see the whole thing - but I'm standing by with the scalpel.
19 x 29 inches (49 x 73 cms)
£500 plus VAT for UK (or US$800) plus carriage