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Grahame Baker Smith   Book projects

'Based on a 2006 speech that late American astronaut Armstrong delivered upon receiving a basalt moon rock he subsequently named Bok, this picture book follows Bok through billions of years, from inception to his journey to Earth aboard Apollo 11 in 1969, resulting in a piece of him ("A chip off the old Bok, you could say!") being permanently displayed in a Cincinnati museum. The narrative's tone embodies a wry sense of humor as it personifies Bok: "He was roughly thrown into a box with some acquaintances he knew only slightly." Baker-Smith contributes engrossing, cinematic spreads detailing the formation of the continents, life growing beneath the ocean, dinosaurs, ice ages, and more. Back matter includes more information on the moon, Earth, and Armstrong, with photographs. Ages 4-8.' (Publishers Weekly.)

Grahame Baker Smith | The Book of Bok
The Book of Bok

UK edition
Written by Neil Armstrong
Adapted and illustrated by Grahame Baker Smith
Published by Wren and Rook, Hachette Publishing