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Alexis Deacon   Originals for sale

Alexis Deacon | The Silkworm 1
The Silkworm 1

Commissioned to illustrate Roald Dahl's poem from James and the Giant Peach in the book: Songs and Verse

'If you would search the whole world through
From Paraguay to Timbuctoo
I don't think you would find one bit
Of silk that could compare with it . . .'

Watercolour on paper
10 x 7 inches (25 x 18 cms)
£495 (or US$625) plus carriage

Top: the complete painting, next: a detail, next: the book,
bottom: the spread in the book

To buy, just email me:

I prefer to take payment by direct transfer into my bank account.

Bank details will be listed on the invoice. Also carriage charges when I know where you live.

I can accept payment by US$ cheque. Paypal is OK, although their charges are high. Transferwise is much better.