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John Harris   Fine art prints: Marine art

Marine art, limited-edition giclee prints

These pictures of the classic J-Class and other racing yachts represent the cream of my collection of marine pieces. I have chosen pastel versions of most of them over the paintings, and enlarged them several times greater than the original artwork, to bring out the granulated layers of colour that occur when I'm building up the image. This is not immediately apparent, when looking at the modest scale of the originals. The resulting effect of these prints is, I think you'll agree, quite striking and it motivated me to bring them out as special limited editions. I hope you enjoy them.

John Harris | Racing the J-Class
John Harris | Becoming Fresh
John Harris | Fog Bank
John Harris | 950 and Falling
John Harris | Sunday Afternoon
John Harris | Blue Sail
John Harris | The Starred Spinnaker
John Harris | Waiting in the Sun