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Grahame Baker Smith   Book projects

Visually stunning, with spare text allowing pictures to do the heavy lifting, Grahame Baker-Smith's The Rhythm of the Rain (Templar) is a quiet, intoxicating account of water's transmutations. The Guardian

Ohhhh.....well now...now you're talkin'. This is a magnificent picture book. Absolutely magnificent. From A Book and a Hug

Non-fiction books can take a number of forms, and this book is a wonderful example of how this can be done. It begins with a boy, Isaac, playing in his favourite rock pool as the sky turns grey and rain begins to fall. From Literary Curriculum

Teaching the water cycle at school can be rather a dry subject (excuse the bad joke), but these two gorgeous picture books should help make the whole experience a little more enjoyable! Library Girl and Book Boy

This is a stunning picture book, and there are so many ways it can be shared with children. Reading Zone

Thoughtful and visually rewarding. This should be on every library shelf. Books for Keeps

Do you remember those water cycle diagrams from school? They nicely and clearly explain how the water cycle works, and they do the job very well. However The Rhythm of the Rain, takes this traditional water cycle theory and takes it to another more emotional, more real and more beautiful level. Book Monsters

Grahame Baker Smith | The Rhythm of the Rain
The Rhythm of the Rain

Published by Templar Publishing