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Grahame Baker Smith   Book projects

This beautiful book begins with a large fold-out page where living things, or organisms, are described down to cellular detail, along with an explanation of how life is classified by scientists, a review of rocks and fossils, and a brief time line of the first two billion years of life on Earth...A useful purchase for libraries that want to spruce up their science nonfiction collection in a giant way. School Library Journal

Jenkins' text is remarkable in its comprehensiveness...budding biologists, taxonomists, and natural historians will marvel at this beautifully illustrated accumulation of knowledge. Booklist

Extinctions, ice ages, the creation of life forms, these are just a few of the relevant topics covered that would be highly useful in the classroom or in a library setting. Science enthusiasts will revel in the pictures and information while educators will appreciate the usefulness as an added reference source in the classroom. School Library Connection

Grahame Baker Smith | Life! The First Four Billion Years
Life! The First Four Billion Years

Published by Candlewick in the US with this cover in Spring 2019