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John Harris

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Fine art prints

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John produced many illustrations for Sinclair Research at the time when the ZX 81 and ZX Spectrum were first produced in the 1980's. Many people remember these early computers with great fondness so we have produced a range of A3 prints using these iconic images.

In addition to John's work, there is an illustration by Jim Burns which was produced before the ZX81 was made, in order to introduce it to the market.
Prints are £30 (US$50) each, plus postage, or if you buy all four of John Harris's we're just charging £100 (US$160) plus postage. They are sent to you rolled, in a tube. The Jim Burns print is also £30 (US$50).

If you'd like to order any of these you can email me at alisoneldred@gmail.com
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