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John Harris

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Originals for sale / Pastels and Sketches

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"The first marks towards making a piece of artwork are, without doubt, the most important moments in the journey. And something of that creative force is lost for ever after the initial sketch. So for me, these little images are often as dear to me as the final piece."
Many of John's science fiction pieces have been sold and we keep these on the site at the end of this section simply for archive purposes. For the work that's still available, begin on Page 1 of these thumbnails and keep going until you come to the 'sold' pages.
  • John Harris 2626
  • John Harris 2627
  • John Harris 2230
  • John Harris 2231
  • John Harris 2232
  • John Harris 2234
  • John Harris 2237
  • John Harris 2238
  • John Harris 2239
  • John Harris 2246
  • John Harris 2247
  • John Harris 2248
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