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Jim Kay

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Jim's studio is full of pencil drawings and watercolours for emerging illustration projects and his interest in the natural world is evident in many of them.

Since working on the Harry Potter books his illustration has become more and more dependent on digital elements but before that he produced a book for Walker Books on the world of bugs, a subject which has been a lifelong passion. Walker commissioned one of Jim's heroes, George McGavin, to write the book, and Jim spent many months drawing and painting, both from reference and from life. The book is a wonderful exploration into the lives of insects from all over the world and it's a must for any fans of Jim's work.

He also worked for Walker on a truly inspiring series of young adult fiction by Toby Forward, The Flaxfield Quartet, Dragonborn, Doubleborn, Starborn and Fireborn.

He hopes to return to some printmaking at the point when there's a break in the Harry Potter schedule.
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