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Ian Miller

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Originals for sale

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Shrek concept work, Fighting Fantasy, Treasure Island and more

There's a rich mix here but what most have in common is the fine pen and ink work for which Ian is so well known. The detail on the left is from one of the Shrek drawings.
The Phantoms of Fear cover painting has been sold but there are many drawings from inside the book here - and also some classics from Treasure Island.

On the last "pages", some development work for book covers and some early sketches.
  • Ian Miller 2570
  • Ian Miller 2571
  • Ian Miller 2572
  • Ian Miller 2573
  • Ian Miller 2574
  • Ian Miller 2575
  • Ian Miller 2576
  • Ian Miller 2577
  • Ian Miller 2578
  • Ian Miller 2579
  • Ian Miller 2580
  • Ian Miller 2581
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