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Grahame Baker Smith

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Illustration portfolios

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The variety of work on these pages shows just how talented Grahame is with both traditional and digital skills. His work for picture books begins with sketches but by the time the finished images are presented to the publisher they have gone through many stages. Some images are highly detailed with many layers of different elements which allow the reader to come back again and again and still find things which not spotted before.

However he also likes the simpler route so we've included work at different stages in this selection. Sky Berry Blossom is an idea for an animated film which he's currently working on, and you'll see both traditional and digital early stages here. Also finished work for other final uses.

  • Grahame Baker Smith 1675
  • Grahame Baker Smith 1676
  • Grahame Baker Smith 1677
  • Grahame Baker Smith 1678
  • Grahame Baker Smith 1679
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