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Fred Gambino

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Ground Zero

Foreword by Dick Jude

We chose the title of Fred's anthology, Ground Zero, before the events of 9/11. It has nothing to do with the World Trade Center but a lot to do with a comprehensive catalogue of many of the illustrations for which Fred was so well known by that time.

It was a key point in Fred's career in that he was still producing countless illustrations for science fiction and fantasy book covers but things were soon to change when he started to be discovered by the world of film.

There is much evidence in the book of the 3D modelling which Fred had just mastered. He is able to soak up new programs in a modest and constructive
way and at this point book cover illustration had reached a point where detail was everything. His ability with 3D programs was useful for this, but the book also includes many illustrations painted traditionally - also equally packed with detail. Dick Jude wrote a flattering and informative foreword from the point of view of the manager of Forbidden Planet in London, and authors of books whose covers are illustrated by Fred were only to happy to write introductions to the various chapters. These include Elizabeth Moon, David Brin and Robert J Sawyer. Chris Moore and Jim Burns wrote about Fred's work from the artist's perspective.

The book is now technically out of print because it too was the casualty of another of Paper Tiger's handover periods. However you can buy copies from Amazon, and it's well worth it.
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