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John Harris

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Originals for sale / The City of Fire and The Rite of the Hidden Sun

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The Apprentice

"I had been in the city for more than two months, when the atmosphere of the place and its people underwent a distinct change. There was a nervousness and agitation in the air. I mentioned it to my guide, who explained that a total eclipse was due and the city was preparing itself for the Rite of the Hidden Sun. While the city had undergone the Rite many times since its inception, and survived unscathed, it remained a potentially catastrophic event.
"The next day I met one of the apprentices, who was due to undertake the Rite. He had been to the wingmaker as part of his preparations.

Oils on canvas on board
20 x 11.25 inches (51 x 29 cms)
£2800 plus VAT for EU (or US$3950) plus carriage
Top: the complete painting. Bottom: a detail.
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