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John Harris

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Originals for sale / The City of Fire and The Rite of the Hidden Sun

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The Rite of the Silver Path

"The dizzying height of the wall appeared to have no affect on either her posture or the speed of her walk, until she came to the second sharp turn of the zigzag. There was a moment, while she shifted her body to make the change in direction and she lost the appearance of perfect balance. There was a short pause as she righted herself and the crowd audibly released their breath collectively, as she regained that marvellous relaxed walk.
After 200 yards or so, she reached the steps of the temple and disappeared between the tall cavernous doors. They closed with a loud boom and the watching crowd erupted with cries and applause."

Oils on canvas on board
16 x 20 inches (41 x 51 cms)
Not for sale, but there is a print available.
Top: the complete painting. Bottom: a detail.
John Harris 2711