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John Harris

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Originals for sale / The City of Fire and The Rite of the Hidden Sun

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The Shrine of The Flame, Late Afternoon

"On the western side of the caldera, hidden at first by the Core, stands a temple which they call The Shrine of the Flame. Separated from the crater wall by a narrow spur of rock, it is virtually inaccessible, except for a most peculiar structure. This is an enormously tall wall, rising up from the crater floor fully 500 feet to a very narrow top, just the width of an adolescent's foot. It zigzags its way towards the Temple and appears to be the only path to it."
"I had heard tales of the Rite of The Silver Path, on my journey here. It was mentioned only in passing and always in connection to the Rite of the Hidden Sun. But both are wrapped in secrecy and it was only during my stay in the city at the time of a full moon, that some of the mystery became clear. On that day of the full moon, I had been on the terraces overlooking The Shrine of the Flame. I noticed a group of girls gathered around one of their number, sitting on the steps. They were very busy, fussing around her, putting flowers in her hair, and treating her as if she was a bride."

Acrylic on canvas on board.
24 x 13 inches (61 x 33 cms)
£3000 plus VAT for EU (or US$4200) plus carriage
Top: the complete painting. Bottom: a detail.
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