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John Harris

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From the series "The Phyllotactic Experiment", an idea as to how the science of DNA modification begun in the 20th Century, might develop in the future. Constraints of space, raw materials and, most importantly, the availability of sustainable,green energy, have led scientists to develop genetically modified plant-life, to create living architectural structures, which are grown, rather than 'built'.
"The forms which these 'buildings' take are as varied as the plants of the natural world. The science of leaf growth (phyllotaxis) adapting to environmental pressures dictates the structures to a large degree, though space, local weather systems and social
considerations (including aesthetics) all have a part to play. Micopolis took the concept of the mushroom as its basic structure, using the 'dome' as a means of collecting light for its energy. This environment is hot and dry, reminiscent of Rajasthan. Very high levels of melanin, and similar characteristics of terricolous fungi prove to be very successful."

Oils on canvas
40 x 48 inches (102 x 122 cms)
£9000 plus VAT for EU (or US$11,500) plus carriage

Top: the complete painting. Bottom: a detail.
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