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John Harris

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Large scale

Many of John's ideas are best expressed in oils on canvases of four or five feet wide. His series on Distant Thunder, an idea that springs from his interest in alternative futures, is particularily powerful in this scale.

He is also moved by images of Trees and he sees them all around him in Devon, and likes to find a chance to paint them (and plant them) whenever he can. He is a member of the international assocation, The Men of the trees, and is very aware of the importance of forestry and planting as well as the individual beauty of certain trees.

He has been commissioned by London Contempory Arts to produce series of paintings of
ocean-going yachts which are hung in their "Windjammer" dining rooms on the cruise liners run by Royal Caribbean, and LCA have commissioned him to produce large pastel drawings of scenes of Venice and of dancers.

For relaxation and increasingly for private commissions for people's houses and restaurants, he paints astonishing still lifes. Begonias as large as windows, and apples and peaches dwarfing the contents of a living room have the most exciting effect, and are pushed almost to the abstract.

On this part of the site you'll see some examples of large scale work but many of these pieces are already sold. To commission John yourself, phone Alison Eldred, on +44 (0) 20 8444 9553 or email her on alisoneldred@gmail.com.