A History of Magic, in Tokyo

How pleasing during lockdown! To have a definite date in the diary. The work of Jim Kay and Olivia Lomenech Gill will be travelling to Tokyo with the exhibition of A History of Magic which was first seen at the British Library in London. The combination of the inspiration for the Harry Potter books, some of the illustrations for them, and some treasures from the British Library makes a wonderful show.

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Shrek concept work

Here’s one of Ian Miller’s first drawings of the Swamp House from Shrek. Looks cosy. Ian Miller originals for sale.

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Silkscreen prints of The Balrog

Ian Miller has worked with the contemporary art silkscreen studio ‘Make-Ready’ in North London to produce a small edition of the most stunning prints of Ian’s drawing of The Balrog from J R R Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. More on Ian’s print here.

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Paul Cox’s London

Paul Cox is well known for his work for the Folio Society, including this recent edition of The Clicking of Cuthbert. I also love this image of London, his home city, with a bird’s eye view of the Oxo Tower and Blackfriars Bridge with¬† the City and West End just behind it. Masterful!

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We are thrilled that Olivia Lomenech Gill has been commissioned by Bloomsbury to illustrate Jessie Burton’s latest YA novel. She is the perfect person to illustrate Jessie’s interpretation of this important story. More in The Bookseller.

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More on Alexis Deacon

We’ve added more of Alexis’s work to the website as a reminder of his superb skills as a story teller in both words and images. We can expect to see the third in his graphic novel series, Geis¬†soon, and perhaps more picture books when that’s finished.

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John Harris, At the Door

The Strokes have used a favourite image of John Harris’s for their latest download. We think it looks great, even though they’ve fiddled with the colour quite a bit.They seemed to go for the look that suggests it’s been kicked around on the studio floor for a decade or two. Here’s the image as it was originally, for those who want to compare.

You can buy John’s prints here, although not of this image yet.

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One of a Kind, a new book by Neil Packer

Publishing in the Walker Studio imprint, this witty, magnificently-illustrated book plays with the idea of “sorting”.
The animal kingdom, modes of transport, musical instruments, art and architectural movements, cloud classification … anything and everything can be sorted into groups! Framed by a charming narrative about a father and son, this is a book about categories; on a journey into town, a boy called Arvo explores the many ways in which we classify the world around us, to charming – and often amusing – effect. One of a Kind marks Neil Packer’s debut as an author-illustrator, following his extraordinary artwork for Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads. With a witty text and breathtaking pictures, this story deserves its title: a true original by a remarkable talent. Published in October 2020.

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Gordon Crabb Portraits

Best of all are the quieter ones. Contemplative and atmospheric. These are mostly to be found in the literary fiction part of the site.

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Nurses, WAAF’s maids and children

Gordon’s expertise with uniforms of every kind is well known. His care and kindness when photographing children is a delight. Small children don’t much enjoy wearing an itchy cardigan, a strange dress and uncomfortable shoes and then manage to look appealingly at the camera. Somehow he manages to achieve fantastic results. Even if he is exhausted at the end of the shoot. More stock here.

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