Bladerunner 2049

mass-3-building-of-ftl1There’s always been a slight awkwardness on the subject of Ridley Scott’s artistic influences for the original Bladerunner film. We know that John Harris was one of them because the idea that he was officially employed had been discussed.  John doesn’t bear grudges but he did say this today:

“I saw Mark Kermode’s wonderful eulogy on the new Bladerunner with Simon Mayo, and I couldn’t agree more with just about everything he said. But while he was talking about the inspiration of mood and the utterly different take on the visual imagery that Ridley Scott brought to bear on the genre, I couldn’t help wondering whether Kermode had ever seen the work by the British artists such as Peter Elson, Jim Burns and myself. I’m thinking of the painting The Building of FTL 1 in particular (above), which I completed in 1977, five years before Bladerunner came out.”

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