A Lifetime of Artistic Achievement

Jim Burns was ‘surprised and honoured’ to receive the ‘Lifetime Artistic Achievement’ Chesley Award at Loncon. I wasn’t surprised because I probably know better than most just how hard he’s worked over the past forty years, how many authors he’s pleased with his visual interpretations of aspects of their novels and how ‘in tune’ he is with much of what’s going on in the whole world of SF. Anyone can see how good an artist he is but I feel privileged to have seen his dedication behind the scenes and witnessed his attention to detail for all those years.

It’s a long time to keep a career going and I think this award is very much deserved. And still to have so much energy for new projects – which keep on coming.

The illustration above will show you the full painting, Wanderers, some of which is cropped off on the cover of his new book. And on the right? The Chesley Award. Great stuff.

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