Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

voldemortAndrea Immel of Cotsen’s Children’s Library at Princeton University has written a review of the book and chosen many of Jim Kay’s best illustrations in the book to make her points. The above illustration is actually from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and it was even more powerful before Jim covered up part of the face at the publishers’ request.

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John Harris Pastels for Sale

Often, these drawings where the ideas first appear are the most dramatic.

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Canary Wharf, then and now

canary-wharf-x-2-1987-plus-100217When Canary Wharf was just a sparkle in Thatcher’s eye, Paul Cox was invited by Punch to draw its early stages. Now he’s gone back, and found the same vantage point. The DLR (seen on the bridge, left) had to  be widened to even dream of coping with demand. The last twenty years have seen massive changes in London.

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Treasure Island – and Ian Miller

billy-bonesMany years ago Ian Miller was asked by Oxford University Press to illustrate one his favourite classics of all time. It had to be done in a fairly traditional style but it gave Ian the chance to draw many of the characters he knew so well. He’s now released the originals for sale, and you can see them here. Also some more from the Fighting Fantasy book, Phantoms of Fear.

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The Odyssey and the Iliad

orange-trianglesNeil Packer has illustrated The Iliad and The Odyssey for Walker Books in the UK, and has now produced a slip case for Quarto Publishing in New York. The originals are exquisite, and will be available for sale soon. In the mean time, here are others.

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Surprising Sisters

gc-553e-kasi-kali-stock-0898Gordon Crabb finds some quite wonderful models. He’s photographed these two in Victorian and 40’s clothes for stock images, and the results are just perfect.

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Jim Burns’ album covers

outer-sleeve-copyWe were approached by Darrel Sheinman of Gearbox Records recently with a nicely different question for Jim Burns. Darrel is reissuing some of the music currently held at the British Library and Jim was asked to produce a cover and inside image for a Binker and Moses album. And this was the result.

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Norse Myths

p84_skadWe’re getting quite excited about the wonderfully expressive illustrations by Jeffrey Alan Love for a book of Norse Myths which has been written by none other than Kevin Crossley-Holland. The book is coming together nicely under the inspired guidance of Ben Norland at Walker Books. This one is “Choosing a Husband”. Is he your type?

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Haut Savoie

near-st-sixt-haut-savoie-pastel‘Near St Sixt, Haut Savoie’ Pastel, by Gordon Crabb.

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John Harris giclee prints

aeldredjohnharris2501We’ve added to the range of images which are now available as limited-edition giclee prints. The quality is extremely good! John says he can hardly tell the difference between the original painting and the prints. This one is “Coming Home”, from the cover of the book by Jack McDevitt.

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