Jim Burns’ album covers

outer-sleeve-copyWe were approached by Darrel Sheinman of Gearbox Records recently with a nicely different question for Jim Burns. Darrel is reissuing some of the music currently held at the British Library and Jim was asked to produce a cover and inside image for a Binker and Moses album. And this was the result.

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Norse Myths

p84_skadWe’re getting quite excited about the wonderfully expressive illustrations by Jeffrey Alan Love for a book of Norse Myths which has been written by none other than Kevin Crossley-Holland. The book is coming together nicely under the inspired guidance of Ben Norland at Walker Books. This one is “Choosing a Husband”. Is he your type?

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Haut Savoie

near-st-sixt-haut-savoie-pastel‘Near St Sixt, Haut Savoie’ Pastel, by Gordon Crabb.

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John Harris giclee prints

aeldredjohnharris2501We’ve added to the range of images which are now available as limited-edition giclee prints. The quality is extremely good! John says he can hardly tell the difference between the original painting and the prints. This one is “Coming Home”, from the cover of the book by Jack McDevitt.

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A Monster Calls, special edition – and in “Variety”

amcWalker Books have produced the most beautiful Collector’s Edition of the book by Patrick Ness and it includes not just the original text and illustrations but also interviews with the Producer, Director of the film and members of the cast as well as with Jim Kay – and includes more of Jim’s illustrations.

More on the collaborative nature of the film in Variety.

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Game of Thrones calendar – and an exhibition

game-of-thronesThe illustrations by Didier Graffet for the 2017 calendar are quite magnificent. He produced thirteen in all, (one is shown above) and the end result can be found here.

Didier’s work is also on show currently at the Daniel Maghen Gallery in Paris. They have a collection of his stunning original paintings for sale, inspired by the work of Jules Verne.

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Saltire Society Book of the Year

bonniest2Many congratulations to Kathleen Jamie whose book, The Bonniest Companie, has won the 2016 award. I’m sure the cover, illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill, played a part in that. Here it is, in Creative Scotland. Wonderful for the prize to go to a poetry book.

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Time to get festive

12-days-pop-up-coverGrahame Baker Smith‘s panorama pop-up book for Walker Books, The Twelve Days of Christmas is beautifully produced. A very well-crafted and modern take on the traditional and much-loved song.

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A quick visit to LA for Jim

amc_at_the_windowJim Kay was invited to speak on the Deadline Contenders Panel in LA earlier this month. It must be quite unusual for the producers of a film to be so closely involved with the illustrator of the original book but Jim has enjoyed every moment. Here he is, talking to Pete Hammond.

Prints from three of the original book illustrations here.

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The Tree, an Ian Miller image

Anyone who remembers the twins from Gormenghast will recognise this scene – this is just a detail. Giclee prints of the complete drawing are available here.the-tree

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