World Illustration Awards

And more news on Grahame. The Rhythm of the Rain has been shortlisted for a World Illustration Award by the British Association of Illustrators. This is his own charming account of the water cycle and how it affects children across the world.

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Publication of Life!

I am so utterly thrilled by this book, illustrated by Grahame Baker Smith. It covers so much and it is fascinating reading. Published today.

Life, The First Four Billion Years, Walker Books.

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Neil Packer’s apples

A spread from the forthcoming book on Taxonomy. Neil Packer. Magic.

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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire – the cover

The cover of the edition illustrated by Jim Kay was released last week at the London Book Fair. Also one or two illustrations to be included in this book, to be published on 8th October 2019 (scroll down).

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Jane Delawney

Jim Burns’ prize-winning painting from Boskone 2019.

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Kate Greenaway Medal

Many thanks to Jeffrey Alan Love for his stunning work on the illustrated Norse Myths, and to Olivia Lomenech Gill for hers on Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Both now longlisted for the Kate Greenaway Medal.

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The Hero’s Quest

This is going to be a gorgeous book. A scary alphabet for all ages. To be published by Walker and Candlewick later this year.

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Gordon Crabb, stock photography

What a difference a year makes. Gordon photographed these sisters a year ago, dressed as Victorians, and now just recently as 40’s or 50’s children. They look quite miserable here but I gather that there was much bouncing on the beds during the tea break. More of his stock photography here.

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The Easter Empire, by Ian Miller

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Black Mirror: Bandersnatch

Two of John Harris’s images have appeared in the background of the hapless Stefan’s bedroom. More to come in subsequent programmes, perhaps?

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