The Silk Roads, publication

The new edition of this masterful book, by Peter Frankopan (adapted by him for a younger readership) will be published on 4th October. To celebrate publication, Bloomsbury have animated some of Neil Packer’s illustrations and the result is really effective. Neil has cleverly used different styles in the book to highlight different cultures and periods. Here are his Aztecs. Watch the film here. And buy the book here.

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Terran Trade Authority

Here’s a chance to have a 40th Anniversary edition of Spacecraft 2000-2100 AD. Sign up for the Kickstarter campaign before it’s too late. You could also receive a beautiful Jim Burns print, or a book signed by Stewart Cowley.

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Ian Miller’s Poe sketch

I think this is a good example of Ian’s amazing drawing skill. More sketches and originals here.

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Jim Kay at Comic Con

Here’s Jim (right) with his fellow Harry Potter illustrators in San Diego this week. It’s been a hectic tour and there’s more to come yet, when he goes back to New York to meet more Scholastic people as well as seeing the New York Historical Society, the next venue for the Harry Potter exhibition we first saw at The British Library in London.

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As If I Were a Traveller . . .

John Harris’s online exhibition with IX Arts can be seen here. It’s a collection of work which represents a voyage through “Space and Time, witnessing and recording in Drawings and Paintings, the Wonders found among the Stars”. The image above, is Building the Ark – where it all begins.

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Superb Neil Packer prints

Neil Packer has illustrated both One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco. His interpretations of these two classic books are beautifully considered, and we can now offer them as signed giclee limited-edition prints.

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Rosie Goodwin covers by Gordon Crabb

This is a delightful series of covers to work on. Gordon produced these for Nick Stearn at Bonnier Zaffre. There are also many images available as ready-made stock – and we’ve just added a lot more.

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Two covers by Jeffrey Alan Love

Produced for Del Rey. For more of Jeffrey’s work, including news of his new graphic novel coming in the autumn, just go to his own website.

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John Harris – new originals for sale

This (above) is the pastel sketch and the subsequent painting for “The Blue Comet”, one of the pieces in John’s “Phyllotactic” series. There’s more work for book covers (science fiction and other fiction) and also The Rite of the Hidden Sun. Drop me an email if any of these are of interest.

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The Rhythm of the Rain

Grahame Baker Smith has written and illustrated a charming and informative children’s book which describes the movement of water from a hilltop down to the sea – and back, via the water cycle. Here is the water passing through a city. Published in April 2018, you can order it here.

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