Olivia Lomenech Gill’s exhibition in Marlborough

Olivia has been invited by Marlborough College to show a body of work to commemorate the beginning of The Great War. This has great significance to the college as a total of 749 of their boys and men were lost at that time.

She has chosen to produce a collection of prints and drawings which describe the lives of the people left at home at a loss as to what their future holds, and also to continue with the theme of the horses of that period which she began when working on Standing To, the piece commissioned by Michael Morpurgo to be used as the poster image for his War Horse concert.

There is much more on Olivia’s blog, and we hope that you will come to the exhibition which will be held at the Mount House Gallery within Marlborough College, SN8 1PA, from 7th November to 12th December 2014. Charles Poulsen’s sculpture will also be on show.

Later: The show was a huge success. Here is a review from Tony Millett on Marlborough News Online.

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