Reviews for The Art of John Harris

“It is fascinating how Harris embeds the atmospheric dust and grit of interstellar space into scenes of advanced science.” Greg Manchess

We’re delighted with the reviews of The Art of John Harris – Beyond the Horizon. It’s particularly pleasing when a fellow artist makes a comment as Greg Manchess has (above) on the Tor blog.

Also with the comments made by Irene Gallo who’s commissioned so many of the covers in the book and who is such a perfect client.

John Scalzi, who’s work John (Harris) has always found so inspiring kindly wrote an introduction to the book and has now included comments on his blog.

There are many others who have commented:

Adam Mann on Wired

John Booth on Geekdad

Brent McKnight on GiantFreakinRobot

David Brooke on AdventuresInPoorTaste – even though we don’t think his taste is poor.

There’s more on the book on this website, under book projects, and there’s also a short film made by Alex Freidin-Goss of Magenta Films about John’s work for the section on The Secret History of the Earth.

The book is published on 30th May 2014 and is available from Titan Books, and we have another film in the making – which is on his science fiction work and which will be coming to a special website, soon.

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