Double Star, Tony Roberts

There’s been a lot of talk about the obscene amount of money Glenn Brown sold his Chris Foss painting for. As a friend of Tony Roberts I was more concerned about his case, particularly as the only people who benefitted from it were the lawyers. They did OK but there were years of worry for Tony, and I think Glenn Brown as well, who must have wished subsequently that he’d first got Tony’s permission.

If Glenn Brown was troubled at the time he might feel a bit better now that he’s done well financially but it does make a mockery of modern art. Perhaps some of the dead people didn’t mind being ripped off, or if there were family members who could still speak on their behalf then their fame made it such that Glenn thought permission was more important. If so, it was a sad misjudgement.

Whatever way you look at it, it was an ugly moment and I’m glad for all concerned that it’s over. But if anyone would like to buy a real Tony Roberts painting they should visit his own website. There are some real gems there.

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