Gormenghast prints, Ian Miller

I am delighted to be able to offer three limited edition giclee prints of illustrations of superb quality by Ian Miller. The above image is After Gormenghast 7 and the other two are The Hall of Bright Carvings which is a very detailed piece in strong colour, and The Tower of Flints, brooding and evocative as you might expect. Some have appeared in earlier collections of fantasy illustration but this is the first time they’ve been available as prints.

Described in the journal of The Peake Society in the 1970’s as “an artist of extraordinary vision and exceptional talent”, Ian says himself that “Gormenghast is a painter’s obsession and a draughtsman’s dream . . .”  Many Peake fans will be pleased to “see” the architecture of Gormenghast as Peake rarely drew it himself but left it to the imagination of the reader.

These prints are offered with the encouragement of the Mervyn Peake Estate and from every sale a contribution will be made to Parkinson’s UK, a charity with which Mervyn Peake has become closely associated particularly since the introduction of the awards in his name.

See the images for yourself and how to order, here.

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