Review for A Monster Calls

Frank Cottrell Boyce has written a review in The Guardian which puts this book into sharp context. As he says, “Ness, Dowd, Kay and Walker have rifled death’s pockets and pulled out a treasure.” He is right.

As for Jim Kay, who spotted this week that there are three books on The Guardian website with which he’s been involved, it’s quite remarkable that the first complete book he’s illustrated is described in this way. “It’s also an extraordinarily beautiful book. Kay’s menacing, energetic illustrations and the way they interact with the text, together with the lavish production values, make it a joy just to hold in your hand.” Congratulations to Jim, who worked tirelessly to get these images just right through the coldest winter Edinburgh has seen for many years.

Interview with Jim Kay and Patrick Ness on Radio Scotland.

And a Booktrust interview with them both.

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