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Jim Kay originals for sale

Jim Kay sells his collographs and etchings through galleries in Edinburgh but has now also made some available here. He is fascinated by the extra dimension that the collographs can show, one of which was shortlisted for the Summer Exhibition … Continue reading

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New covers by Gordon Crabb

Gordon Crabb has been working on covers for two books by Carol Berg to be published by Penguin US. The Spirit Lens was the first, and now the image on the right is the proposed cover for another title, The … Continue reading

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Ian Miller and Eragon

Ian Miller tells me that he’s about to put more original drawings for Eragon into his online store. He worked with Fred Gambino on Eragon’s Guide to Alagaesia, and now these beautiful line drawings are going to be made available … Continue reading

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Jim Burns at the conventions

Jim Burns is planning to visit the World Horror Convention in Brighton in late March and also the British SF convention at Eastercon from 2nd to 5th April. He’ll have new work to show, and there’s also work for sale … Continue reading

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Acorna covers by Fred Gambino

I’ve just spotted the inside front cover of Acorna’s Children: Third Watch by Anne McCaffrey and Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. The publishers have chosen to show the last nine covers of Fred’s – and although they span many years I think … Continue reading

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