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Where My Wellies Take Me

This beautiful and evocative¬†book of poems describing a childhood walk through rural England is now out in paperback. Conceived and written by Michael and Clare Morpurgo, it’s illustrated by Olivia Lomenech Gill partly with her own etchings and drawings and … Continue reading

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From the future to the medieval

Whatever period the costume, Gordon Crabb’s women can look quite alluring. We have a huge collection of stock images now, mostly of girls, but there are also some men and children. We add to it all the time so keep … Continue reading

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Missing IlluxCon

This will be the first time in four years that John Harris has missed IlluxCon. We wanted to send our best wishes to all the participants for 2014. I’m sure we’ll be back in 2015 and in the mean time … Continue reading

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Jim Burns heading for Allentown

Jim has produced some beautiful new work to take to IlluxCon next week. From 17th to 21st he’ll be showing new paintings, including the two above, K.K. and the Maintenance Squad (left) and Anesidora’s Choice (right). Also a magnificent collection … Continue reading

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The Four-Book Finale

In theory Jim’s new book, The Art of Jim Burns: Hyperluminal, won’t be published until 30th September 2014 but there was a chance to buy an early copy at Worldcon so that visitors to the convention could have theirs signed … Continue reading

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