A Monster Calls, originals for sale

We’re celebrating the publication of the spectacular fourth Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, by offering for sale original paintings and drawings by Jim – from other books. Jim isn’t ‘just’ a Harry Potter artist. Walker Books gave him his first chance, and they’ve produced some spectacular books as a result.

A Monster Calls,winner of both the Carnegie Medal and the Kate Greenaway Medal has been described as ‘outstanding’ by The Times, and ‘compelling . . . powerful and impressive’ by Philip Pullman. Jim’s illustrations matched Patrick’s text perfectly and the emotional impact of that combination has struck people worldwide. The book is now available in forty languages. The original cover is above, and also the special edition produced to coincide with the subsequent film, directed by J A Bayona. Then some concept drawings, now for sale.

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The Hero’s Quest

How fabulous to receive three copies of Jeffrey Alan Love‘s new book, The Hero’s Quest. These are the English, Dutch and Italian editions, to be published in October. This introduction into the life of our hero as he rides through myth and magic is beautifully conceived and, of course, illustrated in dramatic style. Commissioned by Walker Books in the UK.

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John Harris’s work for Dublin

We’ll be at the Worldcon in Dublin from 15-18th August and looking forward to seeing everyone there. Here are a few of the pieces of John Harris’s work we’ll be putting in the Art show there. Some pastels, some paintings.

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World Fantasy Award Nomination

Jeffrey Alan Love is delighted to have been nominated for the 2019 World Fantasy Award. Many congratulations to him. In other news, his extremely stylish graphic novel, The Thousand Demon Tree, is now available on Amazon. This is just one spread from it – and I couldn’t recommend it more highly. John Harris says: ‘The cinematic sense of the extended journey and its loneliness is very witty and effective. I love the fact that the story is silent – a song without words.’

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The Wind in the Willows

Grahame Baker Smith has now illustrated this absolute favourite and we’ve put many of the illustrations from it on the website. It won’t be published until the autumn but feast your eyes on these for now. It was quite a change from his last book which told the story of the first four billion years of life on Earth, but that just shows how versatile he can be.

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Ian Miller book covers

These covers of Ian’s are such classics – both the covers and the actual novels. We’re offering the images as prints now, so if you look through the prints section you should find them. Bottom right is not a cover, of course, but I wanted to include a Gormenghast image as Mervyn Peake is one of the writers with whom Ian is most closely associated. This is a detail from The Hall of Bright Carvings from Titus Groan.

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Patronus on a Postcard

Bloomsbury Children’s Books have asked 26 illustrators to draw an animal on a postcard which relates to the Harry Potter patronus idea. The originals will be auctioned, and the funds raised donated to the UK Booktrust, is a hugely important charity which encourages children to read. The above image is Jim Kay’s stag, which is Harry’s own patronus. Congratulations to Bloomsbury for coming up with this excellent fundraising idea for such a good cause, and also to the illustrators who also value the work that Booktrust does for our children.

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John Harris travel books

We’re just about to add more of John’s originals for sale to the website. These will be paintings which he’s done for various travel books and also fiction. This one was for a book by Dervla Murphy, Wheels Within Wheels. Much of her travelling was to exotic countries but I think this one about County Waterford is particularly evocative.

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Anthony Maddock, designer/illustrator

Anthony Maddock isn’t just the most imaginative and experienced graphic designer with all the expert knowledge you need for all the technical side of things. He can also come up with very stylish cover ideas using his own illustration.

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World Illustration Awards

And more news on Grahame. The Rhythm of the Rain has been shortlisted for a World Illustration Award by the British Association of Illustrators. This is his own charming account of the water cycle and how it affects children across the world.

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