Netting the Vespatron

When we send out paintings and prints we don’t know how they’ll be received but quite often we’re sent a message to say how delighted the buyer is – and then a photo of it in situ. This is the original of Netting the Vespatron by John Harris. This was one of the pieces we took to our first Illuxcon and it’s clearly found a good home.

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Norse Tales

Good news for anyone who enjoyed Norse Myths. Some luscious new stories are coming soon, from this wonderful writer and artist team. We only have to wait until 3rd September 2020 for the publication of Norse Tales, illustrated by Jeffrey Alan Love and written by Kevin Crossley-Holland.

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Realm of Chaos concept work

Ian Miller worked at Games Workshop at the very time that Realm of Chaos was being designed. His influence on the game is clear to see, and now we have some of the drawings from that time which were used for character development. They are in that clear and confident line which is so special to Ian. And they’re for sale here.

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Wild is the Wind

The success of Grahame Baker Smith‘s picture book, The Rhythm of the Rain has pleased everyone. There’s now to be another in the series, Wild is the Wind, and it is looking as beautiful as the first book – as you can see from these two spreads.
It was The Rhythm of the Rain which caught the eye of Carol Armstrong and her agent – so that’s how Grahame ended up retelling and illustrating the story about the piece of moon rock, first written by Neil Armstrong.

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Neil Packer’s London

If you’re wondering what London’s going to be like after lockdown, here are some ideas by Neil Packer. He’s marked some of his favourite haunts and it may be that some of them don’t survive but this beautiful image gives us a good reminder – and we offer it as a print. It’s for you to add the train track, if you choose to, and then run this jaunty film which is enough to cheer anybody up. Remember train journeys? Watch this and you will.

The Anti-Gentrification Train Garden

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More dragons on their way

This is Saturion the Jester – just one of the drawings in Ian Miller‘s new series, dragons included. If you want to hear more about this, sign up for our newsletter (top right on our home page). We’re now offering them as prints.

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Bok, the Rock

Here’s the cover of the book written by Neil Armstrong. Who better to tell the story of a rock which started life on the moon over four billion years ago and eventually came to earth? Neil’s text has been adapted and illustrated by Grahame Baker Smith, and will be published by Hachette in 2021.

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A History of Magic, in Tokyo

How pleasing during lockdown! To have a definite date in the diary. The work of Jim Kay and Olivia Lomenech Gill will be travelling to Tokyo with the exhibition of A History of Magic which was first seen at the British Library in London. The combination of the inspiration for the Harry Potter books, some of the illustrations for them, and some treasures from the British Library makes a wonderful show.

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Shrek concept work

Here’s one of Ian Miller’s first drawings of the Swamp House from Shrek. Looks cosy. Ian Miller originals for sale.

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Silkscreen prints of The Balrog

Ian Miller has worked with the contemporary art silkscreen studio ‘Make-Ready’ in North London to produce a small edition of the most stunning prints of Ian’s drawing of The Balrog from J R R Tolkien’s Fellowship of the Ring. More on Ian’s print here.

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