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Nigel Chamberlain

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Nigel Chamberlain was born and grew up in the Midlands but also spent much of his time in Scotland. His main preoccupation has always been to draw, and he went to Hornsey Art School in North London in the 1960's. After leaving college he immediately found work for magazines illustrating fiction and in 1978 he joined Alison Eldred at the Young Artists Illustration Agency, now Arena.

His work for women's fiction began to take off at that time and since then he has built his career by consistently illustrating covers for the top authors of the genre in the UK market. He has produced hundreds of covers for writers such as Iris Gower, Harry Bowling, Elvi Rhodes, Anna Jacobs, Meg Hutchinson, Mary Jane Staples - and currently Freda Lightfoot and Jessica Stirling.

At the same time he has produced work for Westerns and for general fiction for publishers in the US as well as illustrating articles about cookery and gardening for magazines. More recently he was commissioned by Channel 4 to work on a promotion for "Lost" when the series was first launched.
Nigel ChamberlainWhen publishers moved towards photography for their women's fiction covers Nigel taught himself computer skills and now generates the imagery using his own photography and found art. This has been enjoyable but in order to keep up his painting skills he now paints portraits and still life, specialising in child and family portraits. He also loves to draw from life, which he does weekly at the Prince's Trust Drawing School.

He lives in North London and lives a life of painting, drawing, gardening and entertaining. And like many artists he's also a marvellous cook.