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Neil Packer

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Neil is a star among picture book illustrators. He's best known for the magnificent editions of The Odyssey and The Iliad produced by Walker Books/Candlewick Press and written by Gillian Cross. But there's much more than that.

For the Folio Society he's illustrated everything from Catch 22 to Foucault's Pendulum. From One Hundred Years of Solitude to The Arabian Nights. He tackles the most difficult subjects with a great deal of care and expertise - and the results have been hugely successful.

Born in Trinidad and with a childhood spent there as well as in Libya, Scotland, Wales and England, he studied graphics, illustration and printmaking at Colchester and he has spent many years working not just in publishing but also in advertising and graphic design.
Neil PackerHe's now lived in London for many years and is fascinated (and sometimes disappointed) by the changing face of the city. Old haunts disappear, favourite pubs vanish, only to be replaced by more blocks of flats and corporate architecture. The train set he made for his son shows many of the highlights of central London, actually painted on the baseboard. He's even written a parable about a (fictionalised) old couple who once made bread which delighted the city but were later taken over by the corporate world.

His originals have found their way into private collections in the UK and the US and can often be found at the Illustration Cupboard in London.