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Fred Gambino

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Fred Gambino was born in Derby in the late 1950’s. He studied graphic design at the Kedleston Road School of Art and Technology (now Derby University). A schoolboy fan of TV science fiction, including the early Doctor Who series and the Gerry Anderson puppet shows, a career involving science fiction in some way seemed inevitable.

On leaving college he earned a living delivering groceries in the morning and worked on his paintings in the afternoon. During this period he was introduced to David Larkin at Pan Books, who gave him much useful advice.

His first commissioned cover was Beneath the Shattered Moons in the mid seventies. In 1984 a series of covers for Orbit Books (then the SF and Fantasy list of Macdonald Futura, now that of Time Warner UK) kick started his career which has followed a more or less upward trend ever since.

Like many illustrators today, Fred has now added computer-generated illustration techniques to his previous acrylics and airbrushing work.

He has also made a move into film and TV, producing conceptual designs and backgrounds for the Oscar-nominated film, Jimmy Neutron, Boy Genius and similar work for a proposed children’s science fiction TV series. Having established a good working rapport with John A Davis on Jimmy Neutron he returned to Dallas to work with him again on his latest film, The Ant Bully.
Fred Gambino